About us

Critical Object is a collaboration between two master craftsman: Japanese woodworker Eiji Tsuji and French chef Laurent Gras.

They share a passion for creating beautiful and useful objects, using expert hand craftmanship, exceptional raw materials and premium woods. The result of this unique collaboration are tools designed to solve specific practical kitchen-work challenges using classic carpentry and sophisticated engineering methods.

With a closed-production process that manages everything from design to procuring raw materials to production, Critical Object is able to eliminate intermediary costs and maintain the highest quality at every stage. They also strive for zero emissions in consideration of the environment.

All Critical Object products are conceived and designed by French chef Laurent Gras. Throughout his lauded, decade-long career, he is known not only for creating and pioneering new cooking techniques and dishes, but also for creating unique kitchen and service equipment. He is always looking for ways to improve working conditions, both efficiency and comfort while working. These objects are things he has developed for himself, and that he uses daily in the kitchen.

Gras brought his designs to Japanese woodworker Eiji Tsuji, of Tsuji Wood Technical Co., Ltd, who brought his knowledge of different wood and materials, applying his master craftsmanship to the designs to create these one-of-a-kind pieces.

Critical Object produces tools that are not only efficient to use, well-crafted to last, but are also beautiful objects.





 Was born and raised in Antibes on the Côte d’Azur in France, in a family and culture that was very food oriented. He started cooking at an early age, and has never stopped since. Laurent Gras is passionate about the craftsmanship of cooking, the endless possibilities for innovation and the opportunities to improve each day.



Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, he has been presenting his own art since he was a child. He studied design and architecture, and is self-taught. A craftsman who always aims to make things that have evolved through his own efforts and turns dreams and hopes into reality.